Laminate flooring has grown significantly in popularity, established itself as an innovative and cost-efficient alternative to solid hardwood flooring. Furthermore, it is easier to maintain than traditional hardwood flooring and more durable and hygienic than carpet. It is not only attractive, but available in a wide range of colours and grains, making it the perfect choice for active households with young children or pets.

Engineered hardwood flooring is designed and constructed to provide better stability and resistance when moisture or heat may cause problems for solid wood floors. It is made with real wood species and looks like solid hardwood but generally less costly.

Solid hardwood is milled from solid lumber, comes in many different wood varieties, including exotic woods, and can be installed with nails or stapled to a wood subfloor. Also can be sanded and refinished several times more than its engineered counterpart in order to maintain its natural beauty. 

Most samples are available for lend to give you a general idea of color, grain, and distressing methods applied to various species of wood. 

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